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Title Write has been in business since 1986 and is located in Occoquan, Virginia. The company is managed by Sheila Holt (President) and Kieran Swedock (Vice President). Both have individual title licenses in the states of Virginia (VA), Maryland (MD), District of Columbia (DC), Deleware (DE), West Virginia (WV), North Carolina (NC), and Florida (FL). Sheila has 45 years of experience and Kieran has 17 years of experience.

Title Write is also proudly members of ALTA, VLTA and DCLTA.

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Our Story

Title Write provides a cost effective solution for real estate settlement companies. We specialize in
commitment and policy preparation and offer same day turnaround. Our products are can be
customized to fit every type of settlement company, large or small. The companies that we do business
with appreciate that we are willing to adjust our base product to suit their needs. The flexibility and
customer service based approach that Title Write provides has played a major role in building a wellrespected
reputation for Title Write throughout the title insurance industry.

Having a large base of clients with different focuses and sources of business has given us the
opportunity to learn and acquire the necessary experience to handle all types of transactions from a
residential condo/townhouse to a large shopping center. We have vast experience with commercial,
construction and land acquisition transaction underwriting as well. Many settlement companies that do
not have the experience or staff to handle these difficult types of transactions reach out to Title Write
for their underwriting expertise.

With the constantly changing real estate market, settlement companies have found it extremely cost
effective to use Title Write for the production portion of their business. It helps these businesses by
reducing their over-head costs of having extra employees that are not needed during the slower times.
Title Write is able to adjust to higher volumes during the busy times, while maintaining the 24-hour
turnaround that has come to be expected and appreciated by our clients. Title Write also fills in when
companies have people out on medical leave, maternity leave, etc.

Out of sheer necessity and customer demand Title Write also has taken on the task of ordering searches
for many of our customers. Many customers like the appeal of a one-stop shop for all of their title
insurance needs. We have contacts with abstractors throughout the entire states of Virginia, Maryland
and in the District of Columbia who have the staff and expertise to handle both commercial and
residential searches.

Supporting the Community

We support and a portion of our profits go to the following organizations:

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